Knock Knock….

Quote for the day:

Opportunity is always knocking. The problem is that most people have the self-doubt station in their heads turned up way too loud to hear it.
– Brian Vaszily


Some one once told me there is good in everything you do and is ALWAYS around, you just have to look for it. I thought about this over the years and for a long time I kept coming back to the same thought if it’s everywhere why should I HAVE to be looking for it to see it? And then I realized what they meant you can find the good in almost anything and anyone. For one reason or another we have been taught or merely taught ourselves to gravitate to the negative easier than the positives in life. As we grow up we loose over time the excitement over a holiday or the simple joys of being outside or just being around other people your age. I know some of you who read this or should I say IF anyone reads this your first thought will go something like this: well because we have responsibilities and jobs we can not be all carefree like when we were kids. I want to know what’s wrong with finding a happy medium. Why can’t you be carefree and responsible I think it would be hard to try and do both simultaneously but like who ever said this when they said it there is a time and place for everything.



I bet my left shoe that if more people had just as much fun as the time they spent working we really could have world peace people I’m just saying! The funny thing is it’s not impossible you can have your cake and eat it to. I get it life happens and you get going through the motions and its easy to hit the auto pilot button but you’ll come to find like I have so many times that the button gets you no where fast. This is YOUR life stand up and account for it, what does a job, nice house, fancy car or all the booty in the world amount to if you’re not happy with your life? I know that each person views what’s important in their life differently than the next so I want you to really sit back and think about what matters most to you be it family, friends, money, traveling, and even booty (as long as you stay safe because if not you could end up really unhappy in life) and once you have determined what’s important sit back and really think about what makes you happy and if it so happens that these things are one in the same then go you! And the rest of this blog wont really apply to you but please read on I mean you have made it this far. If however these things are not one in the same with a little time and effort you can make them work together. Ill bet my right shoe if it does not make you just a smidge happier.


So folks remember it’s the small things in life that matter most! Get your life together how you see fit because if you don’t, you and every person around is going to feel it. I also challenge you to help somebody out if you know someone who is having a tough time finding balance in their chaotic life lend an ear (make sure to get it back its kind of important to you) try and offer a solution and if all else fails tell them a funny joke and help to forget about their worries for a moment.

Thanks for reading

positively absolutely crazy woman



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