It takes a village…..

Quote of the day:

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. 

~Neil Postman


I’m sure most if not all of you have heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Growing up you don’t realize how true this saying is, or how it varies for each and every person. Funny thing, as I grew up, I had always thought the saying was silly. The way I had always viewed raising a child was, the responsibility laid on you and your significant other and that’s all (this was also before I had children). For the two years I helped raise my sisters children, whenever a topic came up about raising them or punishment etc she would always end up saying, “You don’t have children so don’t fully understand what its like!” Oh my golly gee willickers did that aggravate me (again this was before I had children).


Finally, I was blessed enough to get married and now we have a son to call our very own. I did not fully understand what responsibility truly was until that point. How my world and views of it changed. To try to put it into words, even the most patient person would throw in the towel.  I suddenly understood what my annoying sister was saying and I had so much more respect for her as a mother. Not only was she a mother of three, she was a mother of three and doing it alone. I had so much more respect and understanding of my parents as well. I then realized how much I was parenting like them (which I will never repeat again). I realized that nothing in this world was more important to me than my husband and my son. What I had yet to find out was how much the saying I thought was so silly would become so true in my life.


My husband and I are young, got pregnant lightning fast, and got married almost as fast. We had not the slightest clue how to be a family. I had no idea what is was to be wife, let alone a mother it was scary as hell. Luckily we had so many people in our life that jumped right in and helped every step of the way. Sometimes the help even though had the best intentions, drove us a little batty. None the less, I can not tell you how we would have made it this far with out every one backing us up. The best part about it is that it’s not only family that comes together to help its friends, neighbors, and the community in general.


What people fail to see is that being a village does not just consist of family and friends or even the community. For that matter, it’s the group homes in every community helping raise the children who have been hurt and forgotten about. Its all the boys and girls clubs that provide a safe environment for kids to play, bond, and lean. It’s anyone, anywhere who bands together to help either one person or groups of people to grown and nurture their young ones.


We recently just moved out of state and quite far from our village. It has been so wonderful to realize that we are forming our very own village here in our new town. It has been truly inspiring to see how fast it is forming as well. Not only that, but how willing and loving people have been from the start. This brings me to my challenge there is no shame, or harm in needing help. Kids are always changing and evolving and if parents had all the answers let me be the first to say this world would be a very different place (I’d bet both of my shoes on that!). Like I have been saying kids are our future, and yes it is the parent’s job to teach their kids but sometimes we need, for lack of a better word, backup. So get out there be involved in your community, get involved with kids some way some how and I promise it will change your life!


So folks I challenge you to step back and look around your community. I’m sure you will find someone (or lots of someone’s) who could use a helping hand in their “village”.

Thanks for reading

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