Bright lights, kind city….

Quote of the day:

“The great big city’s a wondrous toy just made for a girl and boy”

 -Lorenz Hart-


As you might have read, we recently moved to a new state. While visiting family for the holidays we took a trip into the city. I must say I was rather blown away. Every, well almost every city I have visited people were hustling along too busy to stop or apologize for nearly running someone over. The city we had the pleasure of visiting however was very different.


It was a very cold and rainy day; surprisingly people were polite and courteous considering the weather. If I or someone bumped into one another “excuse me” or an “I’m sorry” shortly followed. While a member of my family held the door for us and another group that fallowed, I actually heard a thank you from the gentleman that passed through the door after us. Do not get me wrong it was not as if the streets were flooded with these good Samaritans who were polite and kind. I was merely pleased and found it refreshing to see proof of what I have been writing about.


I’m not sure why, but this city appeared to be different from the others. Beyond the fact that the people were pleasant, the whole city felt warm and inviting. From the street vendors who would give a warm smile to passing families, to the gentleman letting children pet the horses for his carriage. There was no shortage of kindness. It goes to show you that being courteous and kind will go a long way. The fact that the people were as nice as they were is what set this city apart from the rest in my mind. So now that I have proof that one, I’m not crazy (well maybe a little), and two that common courtesy is not as hard as people make it out to be. I wouldn’t go as far as to say the people of this city are the only reason why I would return, but they are definitely a major reason why.


The best part about all of this is that it really affirmed and inspired me, even more, to keep doing what I’m doing. Only time will tell if I can make an impact in peoples everyday life, but get ready because I do not plan on going anywhere anytime soon. I plan on doing my part to make this world a better place. I believe it is long over due for someone to stand up and say its time we let our guard down towards our fellow man. It is time to try to be a better person not just for yourself, but for your community as well.


So folks my challenge to you is this: the next time you visit somewhere big city or not, be kind, be courteous. Open doors for people, say thank you if that kindness was bestowed upon you. Who knows by doing so it could enhance your time and experience in this new place. I know its not always easy stepping out of your comfort zone but I promise it will make you feel like a whole new person. I won’t say it will be life changing but it will certainly be the start of something good.


Thanks for reading

positively absolutely crazy woman


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